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VIDEO: Embrace the bands
posted by admin on 28.03.18 19:49 | under General

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Bands are a great addition to your workout regimen, whether you're advanced or a beginner because they were initially intended for rehab patients.  
The first video features me doing an exercise called the military press.  Simple enough, however, the weights I was lifting were supported by the bands only.  The constant movement calls for the stabilizer muscles to fully engage throughout this exercise.  Every muscle group has stabilizer muscles - they're usually the smallest muscles, so a lot of men neglect them trying to achieve maximum size.  But if there is enough of an imbalance between your small and big muscles, you'd better gird thy loins for a serious injury.
I had one of my clients, Jessica, do a similar workout.  She's a small framed lady, so it shows the range this piece of equipment has.  


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