What Is Insulin Doing To My Body?
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Insulin is usually the main topic of discussion among diabetics, but a more solid understanding of insulin may prevent you from possibly becoming one.
Insulin is a glucose regulating hormone. 
What is glucose? 
Everything that our bodies consume must be converted into a chemical before it's used.  When the body consumes sugar, it converts it into glucose.  Simple sugars and complex sugars are both converted into glucose.  But, the only difference is the rate that it is converted, and that's where insulin comes in. 
Simple sugars are simpler to convert, so it will saturate your bloodstream with glucose and cause your insulin levels to spike while it attempts to regulate it.
Complex sugars take more time to convert, so it tends to keep your insulin levels stable.
You're probably thinking, "If I just cut out all simple sugars I should be okay" - WRONG!  In a balanced diet, every nutrient has it's place.  The key is ...


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