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There is a very distinct line between weight loss and fat loss.  Weight loss focuses on the number on the scale and can consist of anything from water to muscle.  Fat loss focuses on lowering body fat percentage by increasing muscle which in turn increases metabolism.  Fat loss may not result in a drastic change in the number on the scale but it will definitely change the way your clothes fit.  Whether you’re a male or female – muscle is responsible for shaping, toning and defining our bodies.
The goal isn’t to just get skinny and settle for however that may look.  Being skinny doesn’t guarantee good health the same way it doesn’t guarantee a good physique.  Sculpting a good physique is a science due to the fact that our bodies are made up of millions of cells and chemicals.  Multi-D-Fitness Trainer Bryan has become a specialist in applying that science to a number of individuals to help them attain a good high metabolism fat burning physique.



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What separates MD Fitness from the rest is our attention to every meticulous detail of the client's progress.  We set large goals, and then we develop a map to those goals using smaller ones.  This creates a portfolio of your progress from one-rep-max to target heart rate we'll coach you every step of the way.  And with that, we can guarantee results as you follow the plan we tailor specifically for you.


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